RCD Breakout [Full Kit]

Build your own Rotating Clock Divider Breakout, with the RCDBO kit.

The Do-it-yourself kit includes all the parts necessary to build a fully-featured RCD Breakout. This is a beginner-level kit, you need only minimal prior experience, but you must have some basic hand tools (flush snips, needle-nose pliers, and a wire stripper).


Basic Features:

  • Gate Counting: Down/Up
  • Gate/Trigger mode
  • Divide range up to Divide-by-64
  • Spread mode: Spread mode causes the output to "spread" evenly amongst the entire max division range (see manual).
  • Auto-reset: 16/off

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications:

  • Module Size:
    • 4HP Eurorack fromat module
    • 1.85" (48mm) deep
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V rail: __mA
    • +5V rail: not used
    • -12V rail: not used
Included with the RCDBO: